Anti-Seize Lubricants

Anti-Seize Lubricant Compounds

Anti-Seize Compounds

The Anti-Seize 907 family of lubricants is specially formulated to prevent seizing, galling, pitting, excessive wear, and corrosion. The lubricating formulation is a protective paste consisting of fine flakes of graphite suspended in a blend of lubricants and oils. It will not wash, squeeze or burn out, even at elevated temperatures and high pressures.

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An anti-seize compound is used on the threads of fasteners in some applications. The purpose of the compound depends upon the application. It can prevent galling of mating surfaces - such compounds are frequently used with stainless steel fasteners to prevent this effect from occurring. In some applications it is used to improve corrosion resistance to allow the parts to be subsequently dis-assembled Thirdly, it can provide a barrier to water penetration since the threads are sealed by use of the compound.